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Allura Back of EMC
Allura Front of EMC

No Assembly Needed

Arrives in your shop ready to hang

Only 3 Components

Allura's elegant, efficient design features just three components
1. Module   2. Hub   3. Controller

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The Future of EMCS
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Future of EMCs

Larger Margins, Bigger Profits - Allura’s all aluminum design provides ultimate efficiency with power and heat, delivering premium quality and cost effectiveness in an EMC certain to boost your bottom line


“Quality. As a sign shop owner, I’m looking for top quality EMCs. I want to be selling EMCs, not servicing them. When I’m selling, I’m making money. When I'm servicing, I’m bleeding it.” - John D. - Sign Shop Owner - Southeast Region

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Quality was paramount when we designed Allura. That’s why we crafted Allura to lead the next generation of EMCs...


“I just need things easier! I put a lot of that on my EMC vendor. Don’t ghost me once you get my PO. Support me as a sign shop and my customers. And time is money, man. I don’t want DIY signs delivered in 20 boxes. Give me something that’s ready to install. Help me out here!” - Victor S. - Sign Shop Owner - Northwest Region

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There’s a reason “It’s So Easy” is the ThinkSIGN motto. Just plug it in and turn it on...

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StudioCLOUD Software

No Setup Required

Just log in and you're good to go!

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“Cost of an EMC is a huge factor for us. Many of my customers are small businesses with very tight budgets who can’t afford EMCs from the usual “quality” manufacturers. But I know if I go with the low cost, “assemble your own sign” vendors, quality takes a hit as does my reputation, potential for repeat business, and word of mouth. I know my shop is far from alone in this dilemma” - Marion T  - Sign Shop Owner  - Midwest Region.

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ThinkSIGN Branding

Allura’s cost efficiency is a function of advanced engineering, not a compromise of quality...