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Louisville, Kentucky

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, we’re proud to celebrate a quarter century of innovation to bring the most advanced, most reliable, and easiest to use Electronic Message Centers to market. Our singular focus is not just the signs themselves, but complete and comprehensive signage solutions to generate maximum results for your organization and your bottom line.

ThinkSIGN Branding


ODM, End-to-End, Soup to nuts

Whatever you call it, it means that as the original designer and manufacturer of our signage solutions, we’re in complete control of the process it takes to bring our industry leading EMCs to you.

We Design

From a few inspired sketches on a notepad to intricate computer modeling and simulations, all ThinkSIGN EMCs, like the software that controls them, are products of our own design. We ask ourselves what a customer wants from an EMC and then we craft the industry’s most reliable, most effective, and most user friendly solution to that question. 

We Manufacture

With our proprietary designs in hand, our craftspeople and engineers are the foundation of a manufacturing process second to none. From the superior sourcing of each LED bulb to the finishing touches of sign assembly, we’re there, boots on the ground to ensure quality and performance that leave nothing to chance.

We Support

No call centers. No passing the buck. Our commitment to the quality and effectiveness of our signs permeates every aspect of ThinkSIGN. Starting before the sale and enduring for the life of your sign, we have your back for whatever you need, from tech support to content creation. You’ll have direct access to the experts who design and manufacture your sign.

ThinkSIGN Technical Support
ThinkSIGN Support Technician

#1 Google Rating in the EMC Industry

What our customers have to say...

We absolutely love engaging with our customers and hearing about their experiences with our ThinkSIGN products and support. Here's a few more highlights...

ThinkSIGN Customer Kent

Kent J.

Every time I call for assistance, I get a resolution and great customer service! And I always learn new things to make my content better. 

- BBQ Restaurant Owner

ThinkSIGN Customer Monique

Monique N.

I’ve managed EMC’s for five different businesses. Other sign manufacturer’s software is so limited...especially the mobile functions. Studio Cloud lets me do everything from anywhere. And it is so easy!

- Marketing Account Manager

ThinkSIGN Customer Denise

Denise B.

The kids and parents love our sign.  We promote events and recognize Individuals’ achievements lit up for all to see, which is amazing for our community. We even use it to direct carpool and parking which keeps things running smoothly.

- High School Principal

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