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  • What are Electronic Message Centers (EMCs)?
    EMCs are outdoor LED signs used by businesses on their premises to display customizable and dynamic messages or advertisements
  • What types of messages can EMCs display?
    EMCs can show text, graphics, animations, and even video content, making them highly versatile for marketing and information dissemination.
  • Can EMCs operate in all weather conditions?
    EMCs are designed to be durable and operate effectively under various environmental conditions, including rain, snow, and extreme temperatures.
  • What is the average lifespan of an EMC?
    The lifespan of an EMC can vary but generally lasts several years, depending on the quality of the components and maintenance.
  • How can EMCs benefit a business?
    EMCs can increase visibility, attract more customers, and promote special offers or events directly at the point of sale.
  • What makes ThinkSIGN unique in the EMC market?
    ThinkSIGN controls and/or sources the entire process from design to manufacturing, ensuring high-quality and reliable EMCs.
  • What software does ThinkSIGN use for its EMCs?
    ThinkSIGN uses Studio Cloud, a cloud-based, fully mobile software that allows for easy content management on any device.
  • How does ThinkSIGN ensure product quality?
    ThinkSIGN uses high-quality materials and a rigorous manufacturing process, maintaining control over every aspect of production.
  • What customer support options does ThinkSIGN offer?
    ThinkSIGN provides comprehensive customer support, including direct phone lines, email, and remote assistance via screensharing software.
  • What warranty does ThinkSIGN offer on its EMCs?
    ThinkSIGN offers a robust 5- year parts, 1-year labor warranty, ensuring long-term reliability and customer satisfaction.
  • What is included in the ThinkSIGN Welcome Packet?
    The packet includes the sign's unique information, company contact information, details on software training and webinars, content resources, and a quick start guide for using the sign and its software.
  • How can I contact ThinkSIGN Technical Support?
    You can reach ThinkSIGN Technical Support Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:30pm EST at 888-271-6807 or via email at
  • What topics are covered in the ThinkSIGN Wednesday Webinars?
    The webinars cover software best practices, sign troubleshooting, sign setup, and more to maximize the investment in your EMC.
  • How do I register my ThinkSIGN EMC?
    Call ThinkSIGN Support to provide your unique account number found in the Welcome Packet. You’ll receive a link to set your password and assign account access levels.
  • How do I access Studio Cloud?
    Go to and click “Let’s Get Started”. Sign in using your account number and the password you created during registration.
  • What is ThinkSIGN?
    ThinkSIGN is an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) specializing in high-quality, energy-efficient EMCs with exceptional image quality and longevity, designed to last over 10 years.
  • What makes ThinkSIGN EMCs unique in the market?
    ThinkSIGN controls every detail of its sign production as an ODM, from design to manufacturing, ensuring reliability and top-notch performance.
  • What is Studio Cloud?
    Studio Cloud is ThinkSIGN’s proprietary software, the first fully mobile, full-function EMC software in the industry, allowing users to design, edit, and schedule content from any device.
  • Why should I consider the software before buying an EMC?
    The software is your primary interface with the EMC throughout its life. ThinkSIGN emphasizes comparing software options to ensure you invest in a system that offers a good user experience.
  • What customer support does ThinkSIGN offer?
    ThinkSIGN provides in-house technical support with professional engineers, offering live demos, technical assistance, and field support.
  • How do I schedule a demo with ThinkSIGN?
    You can schedule a live demo to see the EMCs in action and discuss your specific needs by calling 877.767.9949
  • How long do ThinkSIGN EMCs typically last?
    ThinkSIGN EMCs are built to be incredibly reliable, with a lifespan of over 10 years.
  • What kind of technical support can I expect after purchasing a ThinkSIGN EMC?
    ThinkSIGN offers lifetime support with access to professional engineers who can assist with any technical issues and help optimize your content.
  • What feedback have users given about ThinkSIGN EMCs?
    Users have reported positive experiences with ThinkSIGN EMCs, citing improved community engagement and excellent customer support.
  • How do I register my Sign/Account?
    Email with your Serial Number or Account Number, and the email address we need to send the activation to. Alternatively, you can call us with the above information at 888-271-6807.
  • Where can I get training for my sign?
    Wednesday Webinars are available for signup at You will receive an invite to the Google meeting Wednesday morning. A tutorial video is available for Studio Cloud on our website You can find it under the Studio Cloud Tutorial tab. A tutorial video is available for our legacy software on our website You can find it under the Legacy Software tab. You can email us with specific questions at
  • I need help connecting/sending content to my sign
    For Studio Cloud Users or signs with a 4G connection: Please power cycle your sign and wait 3-5 minutes for the connection to re-establish with the Cloud. If the problem persists, please contact us at or 888-271-6807. For legacy signs or signs not utilizing a 4G connection: First, power cycle your sign and check the connection again. If the problem persists, check your network connections on your PC. If you are using a USB adapter to connect with radios, unplug and reconnect the adapter. Check if your static IP settings are correct. Check your radios for power/signal lights. Contact our Support team at or 888-271-6807.
  • My sign’s display is not correct or I have no display!
    First, power cycle your sign to see if the display is restored. If possible, connect to your sign and send a project to it with the following content: One slide with an all red background, one slide with an all green background, one slide with an all blue background, and one slide with an all white background. These slides should just be the colored backgrounds with no other content. Send this project to the sign and take a photo of each color. If both sides of the sign are having display issues, please take photos of each color for each side of the sign. Email the photos to our email address with the name of your business or association. We will respond to your email as quickly as possible.
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