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Living at the intersection of design and innovation, we manufacture on - premise outdoor LED signs of unparalleled quality. Our leading - edge EMC'S serve as powerful beacons to announce your presence, build brand awareness, increase your revenue, and communicate your message in the most cost-effective way possible.

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Our Products

The big brother to our amazing EMC when you have a building or venue that needs to shout from the mountaintop. Whether your customized LED sign stands alone a few feet off the ground or is part of a sky high outdoor sign project, ThinkSIGN’s end-to-end quality control and craftsmanship ensures that your presence is known and your message is on target.

Why ThinkSIGN?


ThinkSIGN has the
highest quality products
on the market

End-to-End Manufacturing

ThinkSIGN manufactures all its own component parts

Superior Quality

In the world of electronic signs, the quality of ThinkSIGN is second to none. With such an important investment, you need a sign with state-of-the-art engineering to endure temperature extremes, hold up against the elements, and just keep working day in and day out to communicate the messages most important to your organization. Every detail in a ThinkSIGN is designed to meet this standard and exceed expectations. 

End to End Manufacturing 

You can’t have confidence in quality when there are x-factors. ThinkSIGN’s unparalleled end-to-end control of our process leaves x-factors out of the picture. From the initial concepts and premium gold wire inside each tiny LED bulb to the robust build and shining face of the digital display, we control every phase of design and manufacturing. This intricate knowledge of each and every sign we produce is our investment in your success.

Outstanding Support

Peace of mind is a rare thing. Especially when it comes to service after the sale. With ThinkSIGN, we make sure you can rest easy. Our dedicated team of support technicians takes pride in personalized, one-on-one care along with their detailed knowledge of your specific sign. Whether we’re talking hardware or software for digital signs, you’ll never get an impersonal call center, just a small group of extremely sharp people dedicated to serving your needs.

Testimonials from Real Customers