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ROI - Making Outdoor Digital Displays Work For You

For any organization with a physical presence, LED Signs are the most cost-effective form of marketing. Other forms of advertising like TV, radio, online digital display, and paid social media can’t compete for value and flexibility.


Signage is the

least expensive, but most effective form of advertising.


Signage can be responsible for 50% of your customers.


60% of business saw an increase in sales of %10 by adding a sign.

Your business signage is much more than your “logo on a pole”. The most successful business and organizations correctly see their on-premise sign as a marketing tactic, just like all the other advertising you do. And they understand just how good of an investment the right sign is.


Your Target Market

Studies show that an estimated 85% of your customers live or work within a five mile radius of your business. You’d be missing out if you didn’t make the most of this opportunity to both build brand awareness and communicate your offer to this critical audience with your company signage. In fact, in over 7000 businesses surveyed, 46% of new customers said an on-premise sign was how they learned about the business.


On premise signs

are 46% more effective than other forms of advertising.


18% of people

move each year.

This means you have a new opportunity each year to attract new customers.


A great sign is visible 24/7 all year round. Your sign is your biggest and best marketing piece day or night.

Any seasoned advertising professional will tell you to market first by geography.

A dynamic ThinkSIGN LED sign is the landmark that will make that key difference for your business or organization.


Flexibility of Messaging

An on-premise LED sign allows for versatility at scale that is impossible in your other marketing. Imagine you want to promote a different offer depending on the time of day. Our LED signs let you schedule those out weeks in advance...Or if there’s a change in plans, go ahead and switch your message out on the fly. ThinkSIGN’s robust, easy-to-use content creative software allows you complete control of what you are saying and when. As a savvy business owner or organization administrator, you certainly avail yourself of analytical tools that measure what your audience responds to and at what time. Leveraging an LED message board from ThinkSIGN,  you can apply those same metrics to communicate the right offer at the right time to an audience with the highest potential to act.


The Power of a Sign

Information is power. That’s the essence of marketing - the more effective the information you communicate, the more power it has to engage and convert your audience.


Living at the intersection of design and innovation, we manufacture on-premise outdoor LED signs of unparalleled quality. Our leading-edge Electronic Message Centers serve as powerful beacons to announce your presence, build brand awareness, increase your revenue, and communicate your message in the most cost-effective way possible. 

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