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Xtreme outdoor signage product logo

ThinkSIGN Xtreme is our full color product family, offered in 10, 16 and 20mm. Full color LED Signs offer more brightness, making your message reach farther. One study indicated that color could influence an impulse decision as much as 90%, and proper contrast increased revenue by 114%! Color, contrast and brightness give you the greatest advantage when advertising. Pound-for-pound, your on-premise advertising is the most valuable investment you can make!
Our Xtreme product is Thinner, Lighter & Smarter. The best on-premise message center on the market.

Xpress outdoor signage product logo

Our Xpress LED Display is the perfect single color outdoor option for businesses with simpler needs or that must adhere to local zoning ordinances, and is another shining example of how we can put your business in the best light.