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Our Software

Our Flagship Software - No Download Needed!

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ThinkSIGN’s  Studio Cloud is the industry’s first fully mobile, full function, first-party software, and truly allows you to update, design from scratch, and schedule sign content in just minutes.

Studio Cloud Tutorial

This simple tutorial video walks you through what you need to know to create content and get it on your sign. Of course, if you need further help, our support engineers are always happy to help!

Our legacy software

Smart LED Manager PRO

If you prefer old-school or have an organization that requires a local connection?

Like Studio Cloud, SLMP allows you to create beautiful, eye-catching messages quickly and hassle-free. It is the easiest to use software in the industry. Free, easy, intuitive, saving you time and money.
ThinkSIGN offers free animations and images to download and use at any time. Downloads and upgrades are automatic, so your software is always up-to-date.
  • Add text over pictures or videos.

  • Easily manage multiple signs from our sign manager.

  • Locally or remotely control your sign.

  • Easily schedule each slide by day, time or date range.

  • Remote diagnostics capability.

  • No complicated drop-downs; just click on the icons to begin.

  • ​​​Displays a large image of the sign you’re working on, so you can see your slides clearly.

  • No Save, or Save As. Our software automatically saves your work.

  • Control your image size, special effects and more with a click of your mouse.

  • Scroll easily through all your slides to select the one you want to change.

Don't believe us? Check it out for yourself.

Watch the SLMP Tutorial

Or Download the Software

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