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FCC Verified & UL Listed

Our entire system is UL listed assuring you receive the highest quality product. We are also FCC compliant and verified from a US-based testing facility. 

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Our Software

Our proprietary software is also designed with YOU in mind. It is the easiest to use in the industry with a user-friendly interface.

Don't believe us? Check it out for yourself.

Just watch a video of how easy it is to use:

Download our free software here:


End-to-End Manufacturing

Our sign Experience makes your sign Experience easier!

With 20 years experience designing and manufacturing LED signs, we have perfected our end-to-end manufacturing process. Allowing us to control the quality every step of the way. Providing you with confidence and parts availability for 10 years.


End-to-end manufacturing means a better quality sign for you and your customer.

Superior Results

Our patented EMC is designed with YOU in mind. 


Superior Design

Our modular design enables fast delivery saving you time and cash flow. Our 2’’ steel frame reduces your expensive fabrication and installation costs.


You simply hook it and hang, saving you time and money!

Our Quality Serves YOU

ThinkSIGN designs and manufactures the BEST on-premise EMC. Our quality ensures a long life with high uptime, protecting your brand and ours.


Want to learn more about how our quality serves you?

Contact Us Today!

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