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Choosing a Sign partner.

Buy Local. The internet is a great source for many things. An LED sign is not one of them.  Choose a local partner, or give us a call, and we’ll recommend one. A local signage partner is necessary.  Initially, they collaborate with you to design a unique eye-catching sign. Which is most often limited by your local municipality codes and standards of square footage. Beyond design, permitting, and installation, you will need service at some in the future. ThinkSIGN can refer a local partner with history, presence, and ability to serve you for years to come.


Choosing a Manufacturer. 

Very few actually design and manufacture LED signs. Assemblers and Resellers are plentiful and dangerous. How to discern the difference?


Here are some questions to ask:


Some sign manufacturers haven't been in business very long and are more likely to go out of business leaving you without support or warranty parts.

  • How long have they been in business? 

  • Do they have old customers to reference?



Assemblers and Resellers often have some parts of their product UL listed, but not the whole sign.

  • Do they have UL certifications to ensure it’s UL listed product, and not just using one UL listed component?

  • Do they have FCC testing results from a US-based facility?


Try the Software. 

Assemblers and Resellers can’t afford to design, write, advance, and support their own software. 


  • Did they develop their own proprietary software? 

  • Can you try it before you buy the sign?

Consider Your Environment.   

Our demo at your proposed EMC location will help you determine which pitch is right for you.  With options from 20mm, 16mm, to 10mm pixel spacing, your choice of pixel pitch is a critical step. The tighter the pixel spacing, the better the overall resolution and results. Other factors like your intent for your sign’s content, traffic patterns, and size all factor into your choice. Additionally, the more pixels per given area equals more cost, so let us help you choose by bringing a demo to YOU.

Your Message. 
What you want to project with your message is critical to your decision. If you want simple text, a larger pitch will serve well. Conversely, if you want high image quality of a product or image, the smaller pitch makes sense.


The Size of the Sign. 

Will also affect your choice of pitch and affect your budget. Simply put, the more square footage allowed/purchased, the more pixels, so larger signs can consider larger pitches, while smaller signs should consider smaller pitches to lessen limitations, and increase impact.


















Your Budget. 

Your choice of pitch and size will dictate the cost of a new EMC. Again, let us help by bringing you a demo to see in your environment. We can bring two pixel pitches for you to see for your self. Ask us why Leasing your sign makes great cents! 


Flyers and Infographics about purchasing an LED Sign

Below are a few pieces we have put together to help you make a more informed decision when purchasing your LED Sign. 

How to Buy and LED Sign

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