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Why can’t I connect to my sign?

  • If it is Wi-Fi, the first course of action is to check and ensure that power is provided to both to the sender and receiver.

  • If power is working, make sure the sign is connected to the same network as the computer controlling it.

  • Next, scan for the sender and receiver from the Smart LED Manager Pro (SLMP) Software.

  • In SLMP, under setup, click the Wi-Fi discovery button for the appropriate radio set that you have.

  • If no device is found, you have isolated the issue to be between the controller and local network.

  • If one radio is found, you have identified the sender and the loss of communication at the sign. Power-cycle the sign and wait two minutes in an attempt to communicate.

  • If the local Wi-Fi discovery tool identifies both the sender and receiver, the issue is at the sign. Check Ethernet cable connections between the receiver and controller, making sure that both connections are solid and snapped into place.

  • If you cannot connect through a direct connection, check the section of our installation manual entitled, “How to Assign a Static IP Address.”

  • Also, check your Ethernet cable.

Do I have to have an internet connection to use ThinkSIGN?

No, you do not need to have an internet connection to use a ThinkSIGN LED Sign. You simply need a computer with a LAN connection to use the sign.

Will the sign work with my existing network for my business?

Yes. In most cases, we are able to help get the sign installed with or without the Wi-Fi and integrate it into your network according to your own needs.

How do I install the ThinkSIGN wireless?

ThinkSIGN LED displays that are ordered with the wireless package are shipped pre-configured. The radios are meant to be plug-and-play, with little to no IT experience needed. Simply put, the wireless package should easily and seamlessly integrate with your existing network and start working immediately.


The Receiver

The receiver is configured and shipped with the unit and plugged into the master side of the sign. Plug in the cable marked “Wi-Fi” into the LAN port of the receiver. Next, mount the receiver vertically on an external area of the sign/pole facing the direction of the site the sender will be installed.


The Sender

  • Plug a cable into the LAN port of the sender.

  • Plug the POE unit power into the wall and plug the cable from the sending unit into the “POE” port.

  • Plug a cable from the LAN port of the POE to an open port on your router or switch.

  • Mount the sending unit and turn on the sign.

  • After 2-3 minutes, the radios should sync up and you should be able to connect to your sign successfully after installing the Smart LED Manager Pro software.

How do I install the ThinkSIGN wireless?

We created a PDF file to explain how to do it, please click here to download.

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How do I change time in Smart LED Manager Pro?

Click here to download a pdf file.

I am getting an error that says I need administrator rights, how do I fix this?

You will need to have your local administrator install the software again using the “Run As” function of windows to install and then run the software for the first time.

I can’t find my project to download to the sign.

Make sure that the project you created is set to the correct height and width and color of your sign.

What should I do if my download timed out or failed?

Consider repositioning either the sender or receiver for better line of sight or positioned around fewer obstacles.

Will the software work on a Mac or iPad?

At this time, the software is not available for use on a Mac or Ipad.

What happens if Smart LED Manager Pro seems unresponsive or I can’t select a function?

Try the key combination of Alt-F4 by pressing and holding the Alt key then press the F4 key. When prompted to exit Smart LED Manager Pro, select no. This should let you select the desired function. If this still doesn’t help, right click on the Windows taskbar and select Task Manager. Click on Applications, click on Smart LED Manager Pro, then click on End Task and reopen the software.

Graphic and Video Library

The ThinkSIGN graphic and video library will be updated on occasion with new graphics/videos for you to use on your sign. If you are searching the internet for your own pictures or videos, please make sure you keep the following in mind: Smart LED Manager Pro only supports .jpg/.jpeg/.bmp picture formats and .avi video formats. If you use graphics whether downloaded or created, the ideal resolution is 2 times the size of your sign. So if your sign is 64×128, get the picture as a 128×256 pixel size.

Where can I get Smart LED Manager software?

Simply click here for Smart LED Manager Pro and/or click here for Smart LED USB.

What is the minimum distance between the master and slave signs when installing back-to-back?

A minimum of 4 inches is recommended. The reason ThinkSIGN recommends 4 inches is to allow the installer to access the cabinets and for proper ventilation for optimum performance.

Can I download the installation manual?

You can click here to download a pdf file.

Where’s the cable from the master to the slave?

The cable is located in the lower right hand of the Slave side already attached. Simply run the cable from the Slave to the Master and attach to the Video Out on the Controller.

Where’s the POE adapter for the receiver?

The POE adapter for the Receiver is mounted inside the sign and already attached to the controller. After mounting the Receiver on the outside of the sign use the cable coming from the POE to attach the Receiver.

Where can I get a shop drawing?

We have shop drawings available please contact your sales representative or technical support @ 888-271-6807. Afterward, go to shop drawing page, enter the password, and download.

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Troubleshooting Display Issues


If you notice a portion of the sign is not displaying correctly follow these steps to narrow down the cause of the issue.


  • Power down the sign

  • Open the cabinet where the issue is located

  • Reseat the power and ribbon cables on the back of the module(s)

  • Power the sign on

If this does not solve the display issue try the following.


  • Power down the sign and power back on after each attempt

  • Borrow a LED panel from someplace else in the sign that is not having an issue

  • Swap it with the LED Panel with the issue

  • If the issue is with more than one LED module install the borrowed LED Panel on either side of the suspected panel(s) to check the input and output of the panel that appears to “not” have an issue.

  • Check the voltage on the power supply feeding the row of LED Panels it should read between (4.8V – 5.1V). After narrowing down which part is bad contact ThinkSIGN Technical Support (888-271-6807) and we will ship you replacement parts.

If you can’t find the defective part please take pictures of the issue and email to with your contact information and a representative will contact you.


Troubleshooting your display on the slave side


If you have a master/slave configuration and your slave side is not lighting up, please follow the troubleshooting steps below to help resolve the issue.


  1. Verify that there is good power (5V) on the slave side video hub (8 ribbon cable slots, Video In and Video Out labels).

  2. If the slave side is plugged into port 2 of the controller on the master side, try it on port 3 or 4 and see if it comes back on.

  3. Verify that you have a good connection and that the cat-5 cable between the controller and video hub on the slave side is in good condition.


Troubleshooting Temperature Reading 212 Degrees


  • If you notice a temperature reading of 212° this can be caused by

  • Bad connection between the temperature sensor and the sensor hub.

  • Bad connection between the sensor hub and the controller

  • Bad temperature sensor. 


  1.  Power sign off.

  2. Reseat connection from the sensor to the sensor hub and check connection from the sensor hub to the controller.

  3. Power sign back on

  4. Re-download project

Troubleshooting Brightness Issues


If you notice brightness issues this can be caused by

  • Bad connection between brightness sensor and sensor hub.

  • Bad connection between sensor hub and controller.

  • Brightness sensor placement - be sure sensor is mounted in direct sunlight.

  • Bad brightness sensor.

  1. Power sign off

  2. Reseat connection from the sensor to the sensor hub and check connection from the sensor hub to the controller.

  3. Power sign back on

  4. Re-download project

  5. Under Brightness in Smart LED Manager Pro check if the sensor is detected.

  6. Under Brightness in Smart LED Manager Pro make sure it’s not set to Manual or Time Adjust.  If the sign cannot detect the sensor the software will not display the Auto Adjust option. Sensor Hub located on the back of Master Controller located inside bottom right of Master.

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