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Our Flagship Software - No Download Needed!

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ThinkSIGN’s  Studio Cloud is the industry’s first fully mobile, full function, first-party software, and truly allows you to update, design from scratch, and schedule sign content in just minutes.

Studio Cloud Tutorial

This simple tutorial video walks you through what you need to know to create content and get it on your sign. Of course, if you need further help, our support engineers are always happy to help!

Smart LED Manager Pro Tutorial Video

Just in case you need a little help getting started, here is a step-by-step guided video.

Looking for our legacy software?

Smart LED Manager PRO

Download your ThinkSIGN LED Software here! Though we strive to have the best LED Displays and Software in the market, we know sometimes problems simply just occur. Whatever the case may be, feel free to contact the support team.

Intuitive, simple to use software for outdoor signs that requires no training.

*Right click on the button and choose save link as

*Only Compatible with Windows 7 and Above


Need Some Help?

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